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How to measure transmission speed from SiTCP to PC

投稿日時 2012/9/16 16:40


I'm trying to measure transmission speed from SiTCP to PC but I just can't get it right. (I'm using 100Base-T / 100Mb/s version)

My method is as follow:


I set USR_TX_WD to 8'b1111111.
then I set USR_TX_WE to high every 12.5 MHz.


I prepare a loop of 100000.
I sample the data and downloading time from 80000th loop to 90000th loop.

as in:

for( n_loop)
    if( loop >n && loop < N)
        <<<<--get start_time
        select( ; ; ;);
        <<<<--get end_time

        data_len = recv( ; ; ;);
        total_data += data_len;

        total_downloading_time += start_time-end_time;

avg rate = total data/total downloading time.

I always get rate <100Mb/s with this method. And if I measure the time between "recv()", I get rate >100Mb/s.

How could that be? If anyone know how to do it, please kindly help me. Thanks in advance.

投稿日時 2012/9/18 14:29


You can download from GitHub.

投稿日時 2012/9/21 19:42


Thank a lot!!! I will try that.

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