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* SiTCPは、内田智久博士より無償で提供されています。

FPGAソースは、GitHubから、ソフトウェアは、SiTCP 関連 ダウンロード - BeeBeans Technologiesからダウンロードできます。

SiTCP is implementation of a hardware TCP/IP on Xilinx FPGA device. It helps development of DAQ server with high speed, reliable, stable, large data transmission without software. SITCP has been used by major scientific experiments. For more information about SiTCP, please visit SiTCP Home.

* SiTCP library is offered free from the Dr.Tomohisa Uchida.

You can download FPGA source from GitHub and software from SiTCP Software and Documents Downloads - BeeBeans Technologies.

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