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MPCファイルのご購入について / About purchasing MPC file


  • 通常のLANでご利用になる場合
  • 複数インタフェースをご利用になる場合

MPCファイルを当サイトで配布しているMPC WriterでSiTCPデバイスに書き込むことにより、グローバルMACアドレスを正規のライセンスでご利用になれます。

The MAC address of the SiTCP library (Netlist) that can be downloaded on this site is the fixed local address for evaluation. (it will not be able to start up by changing it).
There is no problem using 1 interface in the experiment network, but in the following cases, the global MAC addresses is required.

  • When you use on a regular LAN
  • When using multiple interfaces

By writing MPC file on SiTCP device with MPC Writer distributed on this site, you can use proper global MAC address with legal license.
For purchasing MPC files, please apply from this form.

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