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SP601 Implementation

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I'm trying to implement the SiTCP on the SP601 but I'm not having any luck. While the code compiles just fine and I am able to download it on the FPGA. I cannot connect to the FPGA or even PING it. I've looked at network traffic but it seems the standard IP: is not responding.

Is there anything I need to do besides download the code?

It's unfortunate the English instructions are not too good :(


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Dear Andrei,

Thank you for your report of your problem.
And there is a thing that I want to ask about your SiTCP.
Do you have your MPC file ?
If you don't have your MPC file,
There is the only way to set your SiTCP to work on your system.
Set your SiTCP to the Force Default.
The procedure is, look in to your SiTCP library, find FORCE_DEFAULTn,
set"0(zero)" on your FORCE_DEFAULTn.

If it doesn't work, please check your Ethernet links.
If Ethernet is not working, please check your input signals to PHY.

Thank you,

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I do not have an MPC file and it seems that FORCE_DEFAULTn is already set to 0 by default. Where can I find the file which specifies the default IP?

Perhaps my switch is the problem. I've tried both a cross-over cable and a switch and no luck with either. The LED on the SP601 blinks just like its programmed, I just don't get a reply from with I try to ping the FPGA.

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Dear Andrei,

If your FORCE_DEFAULT_n is already set to 0,
IP address is set to normally.

If you wanted to change the default IP address,
please find the file name "WRAP_SiTCP_GMII_XC6S_32K.V".
Inside of that file, please find the " MY_IP_ADDR[31:0]"
and overwrite it.
After that, you can change to your numbers.

Please check the Ethernet links before sending a ping.

Thank you,


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