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SiTCP V11 changes

投稿日時 2017/7/13 23:16


We couldn't manage to update from SiTCP V10 to V11. The only changelog we could find is this:

2017/06/12 Ver 11.0

  • Modified for corresponding to the pause frame(IEEE802.3x flow control).
  • Arp request function added in Client mode.
  • SiTCP_RST modified.
  • Change of ACK transmission method.
  • MIF Initialization modified.

Is there a more detailed list available?

We have a working wrapper for V10 that uses a synthesized EEPROM for license loading. We updated the netlist to V11, and suddenly the core stopped working. If we set FORCE_DEFAULTn to 0, it works again, but only with the test MAC address.

We therefore assume that the problem lies in the startup/initialization and the license loading from EEPROM. Were any changes made to this mechanism between V10 and V11? In particular "SiTCP_RST modified" and "MIF Initialization modified" sound suspicious.

投稿日時 2017/7/14 14:15


With SiTCP V10 and SiTCP V11, there is no difference concerning EEPROM access.
"SiTCP_RST modified" merely delayed the negation timing of SiTCP_RST. (It waits until the values of USR_REG_X3C, X3D, X3E, X3F are confirmed)
"MIF Initialization modified" is initialization to PHY.
It is the same as V10 unless GMII_MDC and GMII_MDIO are connected.

投稿日時 2017/7/14 17:33


Thank you for the info. I think we have identified the problem.

We used SiTCP_RST to reset our EEPROM interface. I think the later changed deassertion of SiTCP_RST meant that the EEPROM interface was still in reset when the core tried to read the license. We changed the EEPROM-interface reset to an independent signal, and now everything appears to work again.

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